RED SOFT ADAIR has a number of software developers and data analysts who are ready to take on assignements. All members are freelancers comitted to long term and interesting projects. These projects though leave enough freedom for short term assignements with RED SOFT ADAIR.

We live in or nearby Berlin respectively.






Stefan Wörthmüller ("Repeatedly beeing confronted with defects in software i had written years ago has been my best teacher")

Is a freelance developer for 20 years and has developed 2 market leading software packages. One of these exists for more than 20 years. Besides other companies he worked for callas software gmbh, Ing. Bureau Fischer-Uhrig, jedox and lesswire.

"It's my personal destiny and my passion to find and resolve all kinds of problems in software. This requires a personal approach, experience and some specific skills - most notably the ability to read and understand source code. This skill has been aknowledged by my employers again and again."

Buzzwords: Windows, (MacOS 7-9, Linux, Solaris), C++, Win32, x64, STL, TR1, SQL, ODBC, XVT, Java JEE, J2EE, UML, VMWare, Cross Platform Development, Reengineering, User Interface Design, Visualization, Profiling, Analysis, Design, Architecture, Multithreading, Algorithms.




Dirk Jäckel (maintains a private website titled "Useful Half Knowledge")

Has 15 years professional expierience in system administration and software development. His emphasis is on software development. Starting from CGI-Scripts in Perl, his next stops were CMSes in WebObjects, Web applications and search engines for books. He also developed a feed reader for J2ME. Among other companies, Dirk worked for art+com, gate5 and Pixelpark.


Buzzwords: MacOS X, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, OpenSolaris, Java, Groovy, J2ME, Servlets, Spring, Android, WebObjects, Grails, Struts, JavaRebel, BTrace, Maven2, Ant, Subversion, Lucene, Struts, db4o, Tomcat, Jetty, JUnit, MySQL, Continuum, Jira, CruiseControl, Jad, Smack, XSLT, XMPP, SMTP, IMAP4, DNS, TCP/IP





Chris Miner ("Its Software - it can do anything!")

Has collected much experience in more than 16 years at aproximately 15 companies in Germany and the US. He caried out customer projects for a number of years on behalf of Apple Computer in the US. Before and after this he worked for a number of start-ups in both Silicon Valley and Berlin.

This experience taught him how to resolve difficult software defects. Easier said than done, what you have to do is first find the root cause of the problem.


Buzzwords: dtrace, instruments, gdb, wireshark, objective c, Xcode, Mac OS X, Cocoa, eclipse, Java, F-Script, code injection




Ulf Schöneberg ("Its propably a caching problem!")

Has been programming since the age of 14 and has a rich experience in the internet from assignments at two large ISPs. He operates and maintains a image database and prefers pragmatic solutions. He loves mathematical problems and is able to understand techniques instinctively. Among others companies he worked for Ericcsson, Loomes and Akademie.de.

Buzzwords: C, Objective C, Smalltalk, Java, PHP, Mathematica, Solaris,
Linux, OS X, Apache, Bind, Exim, Qmail, Mysql, VPN, High Availibility,
Failover, Loadbalancing