Please note the following:

Our service is directed exclusively toward software development projects. We can only help you, if the software concerned has been developed by yourself or somebody you hired for development. If you dont have the source code, there is nothing that we can do for you. We can not "repair" Microsoft "Word". Only Microsoft could do that. We also can not "repair" or configure your smartphone or WiFi Network.


If you have any questions or comments please write to:

For security reasons you have to type in this email address by hand. Your messages are welcome.


If you want to ask for a binding offer from RED SOFT ADAIR please write to:

Also this address has to be typed in manually by you. In your inquiry email please answer briefly the questions below (we prefer if you copy the questions into the mail). Please double check all exclusion criteria before inquiring. We will get back to you with questions if we are missing any information - but this may cost additional time. If we have all information needed, we start with our internal workflow. You will receive a confirmation mail immediately. Within one working day you should receive a reply.


Questions for your inquiry

(Please take a few minutes to answer):

  • Company, your name, contact data, telephone numbers
  • Location of assignment (detailed address)?
  • Do you consider off site assignment?
  • Purpose of program concerned (brief function description)
  • Programming language(s) (compiler and version)
  • Used libraries / frameworks etc.
  • Further components / database systems / application servers etc.
  • Operating system(s) and versions
  • Man months invested to date (ca.)
  • Number of lines of code (LOC ca.)?
  • Which problems exist (please describe as exact as possible)?
  • Can you reproduce the problem(s) ?
  • Can you reproduce the problem(s) with a debugger?
  • Does the problem occur only at a client's site?
  • Does the problem also occur in older versions of your software?



  • You have the source code and a running development system which we can use.
  • Typical programming languages: C/C++ or Java/JEE (we agree to work with all existing languages)
  • Typical OS: Windows, Linux, OSX (we accept any pc operating system)
  • Plattform: PC, Workstation, Servers, Handheld


If you wish to talk to us, or if you like to send a FAX, please use the following numbers: