Anonymous Support

You can not hire us, because you would loose face? The project is too delicate, you are not allowed to hire externals, or you simply lost control? You want to stay incognito?

In this difficult situation we offer you anonymous support by mail, telephone, or possibly at a cafe - which ever way you prefer. Contact us from a free mail account (i.e. gmx). We'll send you an offer containing a price and a more or less fixed amount of support time you gain for that. Payment can also be be done anonymously if you like - as well as with a bill containing your name.

We are then ready to support you personally. You inform us (as much as you like) about your situation, we ask questions, give hints, point you to useful material and we try to find out what's possible and what is not. You can of course, at any point of time, extend or terminate such an assignment. We will be happy when we can help you.