Time Table

Day Phase Your Action Our Response
Day -1 Inquiry Your inquiry by email. You receive a autoresponse. We need your inquiry in written form because we otherwise would have to ask you many repeated questions – and because we can not give you an answer on the spot. We need written data in order to forward it internally, and to coordinate our work.
Day 0 Offer The next working day you will receive a binding offer for our assignment of the first 5 days. In parallel we'll make a phone call to you. Even if we are not available at short notice we will contact you personally.
Day 0 Order You can confirm your order by FAX the same day.  
Day 1 Start of Mission   We arrive by bycicle, by airplane or by helicopter...
Days 1-5 Evaluation Problem analysis. Immediately after arrival we start with a review of the situation.
Days 6 Report Written analysis and our solution proposals You receive a written report. If neccessary we create a seperate report for management (without finger pointing). In many cases at this point of time the problems will already be solved and our misson is finished successfully. Otherwise we present a follow up offer for solving the problems. This offer will be partly or totally performance based price.
Days 6-20 Problem solving resolve bugs and final report Usually we limit our assignment to 20 days. Typical problems should be resolved within this period.
Last Day Review assignment   We want to know: How do you feel about hiring RED SOFT ADAIR? Are you satisfied? How can we improve?