RED SOFT ADAIR is a young company, founded by Stefan Wörthmüller in 2009, targeting exclusively tasks in software projects that are more or less finished. This typically means short term assignments to give technical help for software projects in crisis situations. The focus clearly lies on technical services: Finding and resolving bugs, ports, performance improvements, introducing multithreading. In the latter cases coaching and piloting is also offered.


We do not offer any services concerning project management.


All members of RED SOFT ADAIR are attributed with many years of experience in various areas of software development and all are situated in long term positions leaving them with enough flexibilty for short term assignments with RED SOFT ADAIR.


Assignments usually consist of 5 to 20 days. The first 5 days (evaluation) are offered for a fixed price. The second phase (problem solving) is offered partly or in total based on a performance bonus. In many cases problems can be solved already in the evaluation phase.