What we DON'T do...

  • We are not magicians!
    We can not repair large software systems full of bugs or poorly designed software within a few days.
  • No long term assignments
    We already have interesting jobs as project leads, software developers and system architects. We are not looking for new ones.
  • No added funtionality
    We work exclusively on problems in existing or mostly finished software.
  • No assignments without source code or without a development system
  • No system administration
    We focus on issues of development. Administration problems may be related with that, and will be addressed in our work to a certain degree. But it's not our main competence.
  • No problems in hosting systems
    If you have problems with your application server or database system, you should hire appropriate consulting services.
  • We do not offer team management
    We work on technical aspects exclusively.
  • No security related problems
    We focus on functionality of programs. Not on their security related aspects. And of course, we will not give any help to anybody to break security.
  • No embedded systems, no massively parallel systems
    Our main experience lies in all major OSes/architectures from handhelds to servers.